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Dec 3, 2007

Wordpress Blogs

Nov 9, 2007

Wordpress overall has a sleek and clean design when it comes to its layout for bloggers.

Disadvantage : It is very hard to monopolize your blog there .Many users have been banned in the process of trying to blog for money. There are alternatives though for bloggers such as tying a different blog services , like blogspot or myspace. Choosing the right one for you will help you to succeed .

Why I Blog

I blog Simply because I enjoy it . It is a win , win for both bloggers and advertisers alike . Some people blog , as a way just to express themselves to a large amount or group of people.

Work at Home

Work at Home sales opportunity

Meta Tags For Website

An Example is listed below
meta name="”description”" content="”Guide">
meta name="”keywords”" content="”meta">
meta name="”robots”content=">
meta name="”copyright”" content="”Copyright">
meta name="”author”" content="”Tracey-ann”">
meta name="”language”" content="”English”">
meta name="”revisit-after”" content="”5″">

Search engines read those codes , and they help to give you a better listing on yahoo , Msn, jayde -The B2B search engines and much more. Google doesn’t necessarily look at this so much as the other search engines do.

Blog For Business and Investment

Blog For Business and Investment Blog

A comprehensive guide to business and marketing. Make money online, your guide to business,Search engine optimization and wordpress blog plugings tutorial .

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Blog Service

Blog Service

A Blog is an online diary like a what’s new page or journal which is typically updated daily and published on a web page; also called a Weblog. Blogs vary from news, ideas, photos, projects etc., in fact whatever is relevant to you and your company that may be of interest to the outside world .

With little or no technical background you can use a Blog to represent your company’s updated headlines and news, products and services with a personal or informal style which is relevant to your industry. You can also include commentaries and recommendations from other sources and provide useful links which bring your clients up to speed with what is happening in your company and receive some genuine feedback.

Create a Blog now

Ebay Secrets

WebSpawner Free

WebSpawner also provides FREE resources to help you get the most out of your web site and maximize effectiveness, including a FREE Web Site Promotion Guide to help you understand how search engines work so you can get listed and direct traffic to your site, as well as a FREE HTML Guide for those who want to dabble in HTML coding.

Promoting Your Website

There are various ways to promote a website,wheather paid or free. today I will list 5 free ways to get you jump started today.

1.Promote on website forum of your niche

2.Comment of related blogs

3.word of the mouth

4.adding to google and other search engines for FREE

5. adding to online groups.

Auctions Site

Free or paid auction sites,which is the best way to go?

It all depends on your overall gaol. Both has its advantages and disadvantages. Free online auction sites do not require any fee before you become a member. You need only to exert effort and invest in time to get your products posted there. Free online auction sites are also more lenient than paid sites, allowing sellers and bidders to transact businesses personally and outside the site. But one disadvantage about free auction sites though is that you are only given limited slots or limited image hosting space to post your products since most of these free auction sites are small.

Paid auction sites, on the other hand, obviously require a membership fee, but once you have joined a paid auction site, you enjoy its full benefits like unlimited slots for your products. You can even post pictures of your items since they have a larger database than free auction sites. Their disadvantage though is that transactions are done within their site alone.

Oct 10, 2007


Tip # 5

In order to succeed in the blogging industry,you must have passion for what it is your blogging about, Whether is celebrity entertainment,staying current will keep afloat.

A blog in any Niche can make money,as long as you know a great deal about your niche it can succeed .

Young Entreprenuers

Today , you entrepreneurs are are a great assets to the future . Young goal oriented individuals are be born , as young as the age of 8 years old. Children with a passion and desire for something new, something they love, and in the mean while creating a revenue with it.
A generation ago, entrepreneurship was considered a career path for those with no other prospects. Michael Dell's huge success did a lot to change that, and so did the Internet. Today the entrepreneur is the rock star of the business world.

Wide Women Doing Business

Sep 10, 2007

They say that women are too emotional. And when it comes to troubles, the women are much too engrossed in them. You may have seen women back in your elementary and high school days pushing each other, slashing spiteful words at each other, pulling each other’s hair, and the likes.

This behavior is quite integrated naturally into the persona of the women in general. Wherever you go, there are those bullies who make meddling with the lives of others their utmost business. In the corporate world, such environment remains to be present. It is but natural to encounter people who bully their fellow women by using the smear campaign. These days, the most common is the smear campaign. And definitely, once this is used on you, you have your reputation stained at all costs. Entrepreneur

Wise women could win against the smear campaign. You could never be referred to as a wise woman if you would fail in this aspect. But first of all, arm yourself with enough knowledge regarding the smear campaign so that when you spot the indicators that it is being used on you, you know how to stand up as one of the wise women who win the battle.

Blogginf Ful Time

Many people are working online , by blogging full time . Blogging is a perfect opportunities for stay at home moms, young entrepreneurs and business driven individuals.

Many people has viewed and has seen the potentials for working online, whether its blogging, affiliated programs , or sales of E-Books. They all can lead to rewarding outcome with the individual is passionate.