Wide Women Doing Business

Sep 10, 2007

They say that women are too emotional. And when it comes to troubles, the women are much too engrossed in them. You may have seen women back in your elementary and high school days pushing each other, slashing spiteful words at each other, pulling each other’s hair, and the likes.

This behavior is quite integrated naturally into the persona of the women in general. Wherever you go, there are those bullies who make meddling with the lives of others their utmost business. In the corporate world, such environment remains to be present. It is but natural to encounter people who bully their fellow women by using the smear campaign. These days, the most common is the smear campaign. And definitely, once this is used on you, you have your reputation stained at all costs. Entrepreneur

Wise women could win against the smear campaign. You could never be referred to as a wise woman if you would fail in this aspect. But first of all, arm yourself with enough knowledge regarding the smear campaign so that when you spot the indicators that it is being used on you, you know how to stand up as one of the wise women who win the battle.

Blogginf Ful Time

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