winning lottery numbers

Apr 23, 2008

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sonography schools

Apr 15, 2008

Medical diagnostic sonography is a fast growing career. Because of the population growing quickly and ages rapidly, a sonography technician is in demand nowadays. Sonography tech graduates are may be many but because they are really needed; they all get a job easily.

So, sonography schools are now getting more and more competitive. If you are interested, log on to for a school that you would like.

Apr 13, 2008

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WaMu Savings Accounts.

Apr 9, 2008

WaMu Savings Accounts. Wamu has many savings services they offer their customers and we would like to spread the word throughout the internet and make more people aware of Washington Mutual (WaMu) services.

Things that make WaMu difference from the other banks :
* Pioneered the first home loan in 1890.
* Started the first shared ATM network in the 1970s.
* Offered full-service brokerage and mutual funds through our stores in the 1980s, and was the first bank to do so.
* Developed a new retail store design in the late 1990s, the first full-service branch design to be issued a U.S. patent.
* Introduced the new WaMu Free Checking™ account in 2006, which offers a whole new level of free services.
* Completed the first covered bond issuance by a U.S. Bank in Europe.
* Introduced the easiest, paperless online account opening process in the industry.
* Offered the WaMu MortgagePlus account, an innovative mortgage product that combines a first mortgage and home equity line of credit into a single loan.

Interested in other savings account options? Earn money market rates on your savings with a Guaranteed Great Rate Money Market Account, WaMu’s money market savings account.

Get a WaMu savings account or certificate of deposit (CD) to reach your savings goals. Find the best savings account or certificate of deposit for you:

* Online Savings
* Statement Savings
* Traditional CD
* Online CD
* Liquid CD

Your assignment will be to write and discuss these savings services we offer our customers. Please use “savings accounts” as a hyperlink in your copy leading to the landing page provided. Please don’t use more than two hyperlinks. Also when reviewing this page please keep a positive tone and use the brand name (WaMu) vs a competitor. Also, please stay away from comparing to competitors meaning other banks.

Go check their site and create your online saving account