Family Websites

Jan 23, 2008

To begin If your children use the Internet at home, you already know how important it is to help protect them from inappropriate content and contact. Family Websites brings your entire family together to safely share family photos, family calendar events, special family recipes, parenting tips and important family news. Preserve family values by writing new chapters of your family's history online. Create a family database that contains gift lists, sends birthday reminders and finds shipping addresses easily.
Your entire family can share special family moments without the fear of cyber predators targeting family members. Safe and secure from prying eyes, your family social network can be accessed from any computer, anytime, and anywhere. You can cross paths with your children, siblings, parents, and grand-parents no matter where they are or computer skill level.
Some features:

The Features of having your own Family Website are:

featureicon_galleries Share family photos
Upload, View and Store your memories with ease
featureicon_latestnews Get Family News
Don't miss the family's coming and goings
 Share recipes and remedies
Keep your favorite family dishes and cures here
featureicon_calendar Family Calendar
Post birthdays, anniversaries, schedules and more
 Wish Lists
Never buy the wrong gift again!

Store Family Addresses
Easily save and find phone numbers, email and home addresses

Hold Live Family Chats
Secure family IM style chats for the entire family

Preserve Family History
Keep your family stories alive for generations to come

Visualize your family data with maps, time lines and tag clouds