Now Hiring Canada

Feb 28, 2008

Canadian job search, With some serious thought we came up with the unique approach of placing one of our custom made 'Now Hiring Go To' Now Hiring Canada ,signs in the business owner's windows, which directs the candidates to our website where we publish the employer's information on the Internet where the candidate is able to learn all they require about the available position.

"Wow! That's what I call results. As an Employer, I only signed up for your "Now Hiring" service late last evening, and by 9 AM today I already had response from one applicant. As of this point, still less than 24 hrs in, and I have already received 92 Views to my ad, and two highly qualified applications. This is looking like a very good connection for the coming season. I'm also impressed with your high level of responsiveness and willingness to assist where needed."

You want to join this.. i think if you want to opportunity jobs in this country you as jobseeker can apply here.

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